yeomans tale 2
Updated: 3/30/2021
yeomans tale 2

Storyboard Text

  • I've worked for this canon for 7 years and lost all I had.
  • Hello, my fellow aquaintances and I have been on quite the journey. Humor me, do you have a tale to tell?
  • He went his way, and the priest never saw him after that time. And when, at such time as he wished, this priest came to make trial of this receipt, farewell, it would not be! Lo, thus he was tricked and beguiled. Thus that canon insinuates himself to bring people to ruin.
  • Multiplying will turn a man’s joy to anger and grief and empty great and heavy purses, and gain the curses of those who have lent their goods for that. Oh fie, for shame! Cannot those who have been burned flee from the fire’sheat? You who follow this craft, I counsel you leave it, lest you lose all. For better than never is late; neverto succeed would be too long a period. Even if you prowl far and wide, you shall never find your object.