Which Ball will Fall Fastest of them All?
Updated: 1/26/2021
Which Ball will Fall Fastest of them All?

Storyboard Text

  • But I've got a basketball! Let's play that!
  • Let's play cricket!
  • Hey guys! What are qe going to play today?
  • Let's go up on the roof, drop both the balls at the same time, and then whichever ball hits the ground first will determine the sport that we will play!
  • That's not fair! Of course the basket ball will fall faster because it's heavier!
  • Actually, both of them will fall at the same time!
  • Huh???
  • What on earth....
  • Oh right!!! But wait. No, wouldn't the reasoning be that gravity is independent from the mass of the object ?
  • You see, the force acting on both the balls is different, but the basket ball will experience more inertia than the soft ball due to its larger mass. Because of this, the net force of the basketball will be reduced. The softball will have less inertia, so the net force experienced by it won't be reduced as much, but it also didn't have much force to begin with, so the force of the two will become equal.
  • Ohhhh!
  • Ahhh, don't get confused there! Acceleration DUE TO GRAVITY experienced by an object works independently from the mass of an object.
  • Ohhhhh. I get it now! Thanks!
  • Cricket!!!
  • Basketball, of course!
  • No, cricket!
  • So what are we playing?
  • Basketball!