Stress Management
Updated: 1/22/2020
Stress Management
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  • Have you been stressed lately? Well, stress is very harmful to our bodies. But sometimes it can be hard to prevent because anything can be a stressor.
  • Here are some ways to manage that stress.
  • Here are some Preventive Stress strategies:- Eating well keeps your body healthy and strong - Sleeping let's your body and mind rest - Listening to music helps you relax and can calm you done- Having realistic goals keep you in your range -Reality checks keep you focused
  • There are two main categories to manage stress: Preventive Strategies and Reactive Strategies
  • - "Parking" worries means to stop focusing on what's worrying you all the time - Breathing helps calm you done quicking so you can focus on the situation- Apologize if you did something wrong to quickly get the conflict solved - Helpful self-talk helps just give yourself advice and let's you think of the right thing to do
  • Now here are some Reactive Strategies
  • - It prevents ulcers and pains in your stomach- It keeps your brain from losing neuron connections, getting alzheimer's, and depression- Prevents the stress on your heart so there's less of a risk of a heart attack/ heart disease- It prevents your muscles from tightening and tensing
  • How can stress reduction strategies help you?
  • - Preventive Strategies help you feel better when your under stress - Reactive Strategies are how you deal with stress
  • Why do you need both strategies?
  • In my opinion, the best stress strategie is breathing because that can be reactive but also preventive. In general, it calms you down and helps you focus.
  • Here are the steps:1. Inhale for 3 secs2. Exhale for 6 secs3. Repeat 3x
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