isometric transformations storyboard
Updated: 12/10/2020
isometric transformations storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • life of the isometric triplets
  • the isometric triplets are a peculiar group. they may look alike but they are very different!
  • each triplet was cursed with a super power!
  • Don't you have a superpower?
  • oh yeah i have the power to translate. basically i can move things from one place to another. like sliding, i move people' s chairs all the time
  • so cool sarah
  • what do people mean when they say your superpower is rotating?!
  • it means that i can turn things around a fixed point.
  • by fixed point he means the center of rotation
  • dylan doesn't talk much but i heard from his sister that his power is reflection. he can reflect/flip things over an invisibile line! i saw him flip somebody across the classroom and they were the same distance away from the middle desk than he was.
  • wow! so all three triplets can change the position of things without changing their size or shape! no wonder they're called the isometric triplets
  • zzzz
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