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leading up to self government
Updated: 9/24/2020
leading up to self government
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  • magna carta
  • virgina house of burgesses
  • so this is the first legistrative body huh..... i expected more.
  • mayflower compact
  • this the first self government doc,kinda expected way more than this.
  • Having had enough of this uncontrolled use of power, in January 1215 the rebellious land barons wrote down their complaints against the king. They demanded a document be drawn up guaranteeing justice in taxation, respect for ancient feudal customs of mutual obligation and fairness, and limits on King John's power.
  • fundmental orders of connecticut
  • ok as long as you dont shave my pedo stache.
  • we wanna limit your power m8.
  • In April, 1619, Governor George Yeardley arrived in Virginia from England and announced that the Virginia Company had voted to abolish martial law and create a legislative assembly, known as the General Assembly — the first legislative assembly in the American colonies.
  • bill of rights
  • yeah right!
  • finally were equals
  • of passing "just and equal Laws . . . for the general good of the Colony." But those few words expressed the idea of self-government for the first time in the New World.purpose is very short. It simply bound the signers into a "Civil Body Politic" for the Mayflower CompactThe rest of the 
  • town hall meetings
  • *town hall meeting stuff*
  • the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut stated the powers and limits of government. The preamble of the Fundamental Orders officially formed a confederation under the guidance of God—standing in stark contrast to today's ideas about the separation of church and state.
  • The English Bill of Rights created a constitutional monarchy in England, meaning the king or queen acts as head of state but his or her powers are limited by law. Under this system, the monarchy couldn't rule without the consent of Parliament, and the people were given individual rights.
  • they were very important to the constitution for they were the very reason we got the bill of rights.
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