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Updated: 6/12/2020
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  • Why is she doing this again?! Is she going to be okay?
  • Shut up! It's your own fault you're down there! You deserve to be punished!
  • If I could just be good, he wouldn't hurt me!
  • There are you new foster parents. You'll be safe here.
  • I'm so scared. Where are my mom and dad?
  • Children in/adopted from foster care have oftentimes dealt with multiple forms of trauma, including parental drug use and alcoholism.
  • I guess that pizza be ok.
  • I know this is scary. How about we eat some dinner and we'll show you around and get you settled in? Would you like pizza or burgers?
  • Many times, they have experienced neglect and various forms of abuse. Oftentimes, they blame themselves.
  • Why did you give me that stupid cup?!
  • Would you like a re-do? Let's get this cleaned up and try again.
  • Regardless of their experiences, being removed from everything they know and entering foster care is really scary.
  • I know, sweetie. Let's talk about how we can help.
  • Let me see those eyes... You had some big feelings today, huh?
  • Yeah... I really miss my mom and dad.
  • It is important that foster and adoptive parents provide "felt safety" and give the child some control through offering choices.
  • For much of their lives, these children have lived in "fight, flight or freeze" mode and that may be expressed through behavioral outbursts. Provide re-dos and model appropriate behavior.
  • Children need to understand their feelings and know that their voices matter. Help them to identify their emotions and give them opportunities to use their voice.
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