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Updated: 5/19/2020
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  • The concurrent power's responsibility is to establish courts. That's why we have different courts; we have state courts, federal court and local courts. State and local courts are authorized to hear cases that involve the laws and citizens of their state. The federal courts decide lawsuits between citizens of different states, cases against the United States
  • The concurrent power's responsibility is to borrow money. The federal government and state government has the right to borrow money on credit.
  • The exclusive federal powers.concurrent powers and exclusive state powers have different responsibilities and similar ones.
  • How Does The State Government And Federal Government Impact Us Today?
  • We are currently facing a health and economic crisis.The COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to get unemployed and many people are dying due to this virus.
  • President Donald Trump said "the president calls the shots governor’s can’t do anything without the President of the United States" . Governor Cuomo reacted to what Trump said "there’s a document called the Constitution of the United States and talks about the balance of power between the federal government and the state governments and it says the federal government does not have absolute power".