A Christmas Carol
Updated: 2/8/2020
A Christmas Carol

Storyboard Text

  • UMM...What are you?UUH...Why are you here?I'm frightened!!
  • I'll go only if there is a big lunch.
  • All I know is he's dead.
  • Where am I, ghost?
  • The funeral will be very cheap.
  • Who are they talking about, ghost?
  • These are the things I stole from him!
  • You're a genius!You'll make a fortune out of this!
  • Old Joe's Shop
  • I also stole stuff from him.
  • I will not give you that much because everytime I give too much and now I don't have much money!
  • Old Joe's Shop
  • Never forget Tiny Tim when you grow up kids.
  • I will celebrate Christmas with all my life! I will never harm anyone!Just please I don't want to die!!
  • Ebenezer Scrooge