Theo's machine
Updated: 10/4/2018
Theo's machine
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  • I want to start job quikly and I love Chris.
  • Who are you? How do you know that?
  • I can help you. This machine takes the time forward.
  • Theo is a student in university. He wants to start job and wants to get married Chris.Therefore,he wants to take the time tomorrow. He can't solve difficult problems or situations. So he is incurable.
  • what will I do? I'm in a difficult situation.I'm overwhelmed.
  • When he walks in park,He sees different woman and she comes for speaking him.She says:''Hi! I can help you.I have a item and it belongs to you.This machine takes the time forward.''Theo is suprised.He says:''Who are you?How do you know that?'' This woman is a witch but don't tell him.She gives the machine and gets away quikly.
  • Can we take bake time?
  • This machine can only takes the times forward.I must go.
  • Theo doesn't tell anyone and he decides and stars the machine.So,he graduated from university.He married Thris. But he tries to find a job. That's why, he takes the time forward.
  • Theo has a job. After a while,he has babies.But he is overwhelmed by this situation.Child's cry,low salary,not work-life balance... So he takes the time forward many times.
  • Theo is old and he thinks of the past.Every bad moment,he takes the time forward. Life has been passed in the blink of an eye. When he sits in bench,witch comes.Theo is puzzled and he says:''Can we take back time?'' witch says:''I want take this machine and it can only takes the times forward.''She gets away quikly.
  • It's too late for Theo.He wants to live his life easier but he realizes that his whole life is flowing fast. He says:''If I hadn't bought this machine,my life didn't lost quikly in my hand.Eventually,he died regretfully.
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