Zeus and Prometheus and the Gift of Fire
Updated: 2/18/2020
Zeus and Prometheus and the Gift of Fire

Storyboard Text

  • Some gods thought of humans of toys, others didn't, Prometheus was the on e who didn't.
  • Humans are toys
  • Humans are not toys
  • Humans lived very happily with gods, but the children argued with everything, even with the gods.
  • * auguring noises*
  • Zeus got very disappointed with human so he took away fire, and without fire humans won't last long.
  • Prometheus felt sorry for humans, so he stole a lighting bolt and gave it to mankind.
  • Zeus was very mad and chained Prometheus to a rock and used many ways to injure him.
  • You are free now.
  • 1000 years had passed when Hercules had freed Prometheus, and Zeus did not care because he had also became interested in humans.
  • Thank you!!