Island Of The Blue dolphin (continue)
Updated: 2/7/2021
Island Of The Blue dolphin (continue)

Storyboard Text

  • Karana Kills The Dogs
  • Oh noI will take you back home and nurse you
  • Karana Meet Totok
  • HI my name is Karana what is your name
  • My name is totok
  • Karana Leaves The Island
  • Thank you for coming back, I have been on the island for so long.
  • Get on the boat.
  • After Karan makes the weapons she starts to kill the dogs. She then realizes that one of the dogs were hurt. and then karana starts to take care of the dog. and then she names the dog rontu which means fox eye.
  • While karana is alone on the island. a few years later she meets a girl name tutok on the island. at first Karana was scared because she thought that she was on of the Aleuts
  • A few weeks later after totok leaves her, Karana sees a boat come and then she realizes it is the white men that said they would come back when it is good weather so Karana starts backing up her thinks to go.