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Scott Amontilado
Updated: 9/27/2019
Scott Amontilado
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  • Montesor is mad at Fortunato
  • Montesor plans on killing Fortunato
  • Hmmm.. Ammontillado
  • Ah, Fortunato my good man
  • Montesor meets Fortunato
  • Montesor! What bringeth thee?
  • Montesor is tired of Fortunato disrespecting his family name. Montesor has spent hours scowling over Fortunato thinking of a way to punish him. He is going to kill him.
  • Montesor shows Fortunato his wine cellar
  • Ah lovely, I love some good wine
  • Montesor dreams of how he could do it, but nothing comes to mind. He starts thinking of what he could kill him with, and something finally comes to mind. Montesor realizes he could kill him with alcohol, but which kind?
  • Montesor and Fortunato travel to find Amontillado
  • Montesor meets Fortunato so that his plan can jump into action. Rather than killing him on the spot with wine, he takes Fortunato to his wine cellar.
  • Montesor traps Fortunato
  • Montesor, pal, what is going on?
  • Since Fortunto is a very foolish human being, I took him to my wine cellar where he was so excited to see a bottle of Amontillado. Now that I, Montesor, have Fortunado in my grasp, I will make sure he pays for disrespecting me and my family name.
  • There are some fine grade wines down there 
  • Fortunato is a fool. The man really thought I was going to give him Amontillado, the fool. Since Montesor acted so nice fortunato assumed he would have been given free wine. Now that Fortunato is trapped down here, Montesor can make sure no one threatens his family name which is very good.
  • Oh Fortunato you fool! You are dying
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