Seraphine's Autobiographical Narrative Storyboard Project
Updated: 1/15/2021
Seraphine's Autobiographical Narrative Storyboard Project

Storyboard Text

  • Autobiographical Narrative
  • This was my family... 9 months before our clan was complete. We didn't know was what coming out way!
  • Autobiographical Narrative
  • This is the surprise guys!
  • Wowww!
  • My dad said he had a special guest for us coming and when we found out who we were excited. I had tears of joy. 
  • I can't believe it...finally!
  • pregnant
  • Autobiographical Narrative
  • I loved to interact with my mom and my brother in her tummy. My siblings and I kept ourselves occupied.
  • Can I feel the baby moving?!!
  • Can you pass the snacks?
  • I was the middle child between my two siblings in 6th grade. My mom wanted to make our dreams possible about having another child and I wanted to be a big sister again.
  • Autobiographical Narrative
  • Auntie to another!
  • aww my babies!
  • After all my nervous thoughts when my aunt brought us to see my brother, I finally felt complete as well as my family.
  • We were told to clean up the house one night for a big surprise. When the time came we didn't notice my dad was recording my mom walking in to tell us she was pregnant with our baby brother!
  • Autobiographical Narrative
  • My siblings and I enjoyed packing our things and grabbing snacks to join my mother at her ultrasound appointments. They always we're something to look forward too.
  • Nine months of a healthy pregnancy and it was time Raphael would be born. My thoughts were non stop spiraling until the moment came.
  • I'm going to be the best big sister to you. I know it now
  • Now this is my complete, loving family. I learned to have patience while being responsible, to love, and be mature all through this experience in my life.
  • The joy and relief I still feel to this day after he was born..
  • There's nothing I would change, being who i have become now!