Serenity Acosta One-pager
Updated: 5/18/2020
Serenity Acosta One-pager

Storyboard Text

  • Act 1, Scene 7 "Besides, this Duncan hath borne his factulties so meek, hath been so clear in his great office, that his virtues will plead like angels trumpet- tonged against the deep domnation the of his taking-off
  • was the hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself? hath it slept since? and wakes now, to look green and pale at what did so freely..
  • Act 1, Scene 7 "we fail! But screw your courage to stick- place, I and we'll not fail. when Duncan is asleep- I where to rather shall..."
  • we will proceed no further in this business.
  • Act 2, Scene 1 "I go and it is done; The bell invites me. I hear it not, Duncan; for it is a knell I that summans thee to heavan or to hell"