Updated: 3/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • where is breakfast?!?!?
  • i'm sorry sir its not ready yet
  • Rising action
  • choose your faith!!
  • Climax
  • There was a selfish evil, rude and selfless king who lived in a castle
  • Falling action
  • he made life hard for others by doing anything one being coming up with a rule that if you doing something wrong you had to choose your faith with two doors and both doors had something behind them
  • Resolution
  • the princess met a servant and begin to love him an then i father noticed and was not happy about it and was not happy about
  • Central idea/theme
  • the servant was then sentence to pick his fate with the two doors
  • the princess was the only hope for if the servant were to live happily with another woman or would he have to face a terrible death of a tiger
  • the meaning of the story is that even though it will hurt you will do whatever it takes for the ones you love