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Updated: 9/24/2019
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  • * Ask a question * Questions must be specific and testable. Always set up your questions in the following format. Ex: Will a 16 oz of water evaporate in 80 degree heat in 4 days?
  • * Research * The research should be specific to the variables listed in the question has to be backed up by an expert. Ex: put 16 oz of water in a controlled environment in 80 degrees for a 4 day period.
  • * Form Hypothesis * a hypothesis is a testable idea or explanation that leads to scientific investigation. hypothesis must be carefully constructed so they can be tested in a practical and meaningful way. Ex: I think the 16 oz of water will evaporate in a 4 day period in 80 degrees because water starts to evaporate when you first pure the water in a cup and the 80 degree heat will speed up the evaporation.
  • * Design Experiment * The scientist must also decide how the IV will change and identify other V that will need to remain constant. Ex: 1: put the 16 oz of water in a cup 2: put cup with water in the controlled environment 3: let cup with water stay there for a 4 day period 4: see if the water has evaporated 5: gather data
  • * Gather & Analyze Data * while you do your experiment write down data on a chart like a T-chart. Ex: Days I evaporation ______________________I_________________________ Day 1 I 3.2 Day 2 I 4.3 Day 3 I 4 Day 4 I 4.5 I I
  • * Conclusion * Was the hypothesis supported or not, have Evidence, and reasoning. Ex: the hypothesis was supported by the data and is correct the 16 oz of water evaporated in a 4 day period in 80 degrees.
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