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Fall of the Soviet Union and RIse of Vladimir Putin
Updated: 8/12/2020
Fall of the Soviet Union and RIse of Vladimir Putin
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  • Down with The USSR!
  • Freedom for the people of Russia!
  • I am resining and appoint Boris Yeltsin as Russias first president!
  • Ah! And here I thought my Glasnost reforms would create enought freedom and democracy for the USSR
  • Bravo!
  • My KGB and wealthy Oligarch friends! With my cunning, and your influence and wealth, I shall rise to president of Russia, providing you with many benifits!
  • Mwahaha
  • Yes!
  • Sighhhhh. I love my country, I am trying to everything I can to save this country but it is not enough. The damage that was created by Kourshchev, will take far too long to repair. And everyone in the government is corrupt and only in the job for self interest. I cannot handle this anymore and my health is deteriorating. I will resign.
  • I'm not so sure about this Putin...
  • My friends! I appoint Vladimir Putin as our next president!
  • hooray! Putin will save us!
  • People of Russia! I will create a strong federalist government and bring back Russias honor and power! Honor and power that was taken by evil western ideology! They will pay. And we will create the strongest military in the world!!
  • Putin is our man! We love Putin!
  • nooooooooooo
  • You! Oligarch! You don't agree with me? Then you don't agree with Russia. Take him to prison
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