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The Phases of fur trade
Updated: 1/20/2020
The Phases of fur trade
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  • Phase 1 - The Early Fur Trade: 1500 - 1603
  • I'll give you this knife for those furs.
  • Sweat deal!
  • Phase 2 - Expansion Inland: 1603 - 1670
  • We won!
  • Victory at last!!!
  • Yippee!
  • Nooooo!
  • We lost?!
  • Phase 2 - Expansion Inland: 1603 - 1670
  • R.I.P.The Ouendat
  • Men from Europe took on fishing off the east coast. They came into contact with the First Nations who were also on the east coast and began trading with them. The Europeans fished and traded but did not establish permanent settlements
  • Phase 3 - Rival Networks: 1670 - 1760
  • Us too
  • Fort
  • Today was a tiring day but at least I got a ton of furs
  • In phase two, New France was established by Samuel de Champlain. The fur trade was centred around Quebec. During this time, there was a French-Haudenosaunee war and France partnered with the Ouendat who were their middlen.
  • Phase 4 - The drive west: 1760 - 1821
  • Sadly, the Haudenosaunee defeated the Ouendat. Because of this, individual traders known as Coreur de Bois emerged.
  • Phase 5: Monopoly in the west: 1821 - 1870
  • Britain established the HBC (Hudsons Bay Company) in 1670. This made Britain and France in economic competition with each other. The HBC hired voyagers to help with the fur trade. Around this time, Metis were established
  • New France became a colony of Britain in 1763 which caused an economic shift. The focus was not only on furs but on land as well. The NWC was formed by merchants to compete against the HBC. The pemmican trade was developed and run by the Red River Metis.
  • Wait. New France is a British colony now? That happened fast
  • Yup.
  • The NWC and HBC combined and became the HBC. There was a low supply of beaver and buffalo fur and less demand for furs.
  • Why are you closing the fort?
  • Closed
  • Haven't you heard? There is a low supply of bison a & beaver. And plus, furs are out of trend.
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