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Updated: 2/11/2020
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  • Guys, I think I've found a way on how to open the portal
  • Yeah yeah, I've found it too but it's in some kind of old Jewish handwriting
  • Seriously?
  • I think I have an idea on how to translate
  • malhalshabavgdajhsyfd
  • Wow! He really ran away because of me. Oh well I guess I will just have to marry someone else
  • My dear Juliet, even in death I shall never leave your side
  • Why leave so soon, WHY????
  • yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah, does this guy ever shut up? Is he really that stupid to think I'm dead?
  • I guess It's all that "blinded by love" crap he's always blabbing about urghhhh.
  • Why did I even agree to marry this douche bag? All he talks about is how rich he is and the hundreds of children I will have for him.
  • My dear Juliet, please forgive these bastards, they do not know your true worth
  • I can kill myself and I will
  • And I know if I were to die first, she would do the exact same.
  • Oh my dear Juliet, to thee, I give my legs
  • You fool! She is the only one worth my limbs!
  • Is that...
  • Did you...
  • Oh my gosh did he...
  • Dude you can't kill your self for her she's not worth it, get down!
  • Are we in a lot of trouble? Probably
  • ...forget to close the portal? Yes
  • ...romeo? Yes
  • ...come out of the portal? Yes
  • meanwhile in the 1600
  • Oh my dear we're going to have so many kids because I have more gold and silver than you can even count.
  • Oh my dear Juliet! You are not dead, Romeo is no where to be found, rumors have spread that he has fled on hearing of your death.
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