Novel study term 3 year6
Updated: 8/18/2020
Novel study term 3 year6

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  • When Melody was born all her parents friends thought she was a freak and they were too scarred to touch her. Mrs Valencia however was different, she didn’t believe in categorising, she was the first person besides her parents to pick her up like a normal baby. Mrs Valencia wears lovely flowing dresses with bright colour combinations, she has a kind a determined nature, that’s why Melody and her got on straight away.
  • Sometimes when both of Melody’s parents were working she needed someone to look after her so Mrs Valencia offered to have her. Melody’s parents said “she can be a handful sometimes”, Mrs Valencia responded with “I have big hands.” Mrs Valencia knew that she could be a handful but she knew she was special, so she tried her best to help Melody.
  • Mrs Valencia wanted to teach Melody How to roll, so she sat her on the ground and told her to rollover. At first Melody though she was mad expecting her to roll, but then she tried hard and succeeded. Unlike most other people Mrs Valencia had faith in Melody and pushed her to try new things. Melody was so proud of herself after she did it, she didn’t feel so helpless anymore.
  • Afterwards Melody was hungry so Mrs Valencia fed her. Mrs Valencia always served dessert first then the main, it was their little secret, in this case a vanilla milkshake and then noodles. Melody really enjoyed the food she got from Mrs Valencia because she was the only one who let her drink soft drinks, she normally just got milk or juice.
  • Melody really wanted to expand her vocabulary so Mrs Valencia decided to start from scratch. She took all the words off Melody’s board and started to put lots of new words on that were tiny so she could fit more, she put the alphabet and numbers. When she was done Melody was able to form proper sentences. Then she began teaching Melody English with word cards. Melody became good at English and had a good knowledge.
  • Mrs Valencia took her out in lots of bad weather, they sat under the front porch. One time Melody was sitting under a leak and a few drops splashed onto her, she laughed, Mrs Valencia asked if she liked the rain, she nodded so they walked out in the middle of the rain. They were getting soaked and Melody loved it. Eventually they went back inside and by the time Melody’s dad came they were dry.