The outsiders
Updated: 11/7/2018
The outsiders
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  • Always be there for your friends and family.
  • Dally helps Johnny and Pony
  • Fountain scene
  • I think this theme over all fits the story because you found the boys getting themselves into many suspicious situations but they always had each other's back and were there to give support no matter what . 
  • character: Johnny
  • This setting is important to the theme because, it talks about how Dally was there to help Johnny and Pony when they needed to leave town after they started to feel very apprehensive about killing Bob.
  • Johnny is sent to the hospital
  • The main event of the story is when Johnny stabbed Bob with a switch blade because he was instantly aghast when the Soc's were drowning Ponyboy.
  • Johnny's struggle
  • Physical traits : Dark tan face, black hair, and big black eyes Interests: Reading Gone With the Wind Beliefs: Fighting is not worth it Quote: " Johnny would have run away a million times if we hadn't been there. If it hadn't been for the gang, Johnny would never have known what love and affection are." (pg12)
  • the middle of the night getting jailed and who knows what else... No wonder he hates your guts." (pg 123) I thought this was important to the theme because it showed that the boys stuck up for Johnny in all the times he was in agony. Johnny's mom tried to see him but he didn't want to, so the boys made sure she couldn't. They knew what was best for him.
  • "But i have the right to see him. He's my son. After all the trouble his father and I have through to raise him, and this is our reward! He'd rather see those no count hoodlums than his own folks..." she saw us and gave us such a look of hatred that i almost backed up." "It was your fault. Always running around in...
  • This internal conflict goes with the theme i chose because the gang is always there for Johnny when he is in a stupor or when he needs some advise or extra support.
  • Johnny had said a couple of times in the story that if it weren't for the gang being there for him and them basically being like the only family he's got he would have killed himself by now.
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