College Sports
Updated: 2/1/2021
College Sports

Storyboard Description

All genders should be able to play on the same teams in college sports

Storyboard Text

  • I want to be a female college football player.I am just as capable as the men on the team but I can't try out
  • She can't be nearly strong enough to play against these big guys.
  • Girls shouldn't be able to play on the same team as us!
  • I can benchpress 200lbs.
  • I can run a 6 minute mile
  • We need to talk to the President of the College!
  • Yep! They should let us tryout for the football team. Women should be able to try out and if they are capable- play!
  • It is only fair we get a chance to tryout. It shouldn't matter if we are women.
  • I can understand that. I will talk with the NCAA and board about trying out.
  • We appreciate you seeing us. Claire and I want to play football with the men and want to be able to try out to make the team.
  • These women are correct. They should have the opportunity to try out for any sport. Same with men, if they want to play softball they should be able to if they are capable.