The Black Death
Updated: 5/9/2018
The Black Death
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  • I know all about it! can I share Mr. Johnson?
  • So class, now that we are here, we can learn all about the Black Death! So do you know anything about the Black Death in ancient Europe?
  • I don't really know anything about it! How did it start? Was it Everywhere?How did it Kill?
  • I actually learned about it last year. It is quite interesting! People think the Black Death was started because of trading. The people would carry the bacteria on themselves, and spread it to all the people in Europe. Also, the plague didn't hit everywhere in Europe! It hit just about everywhere EXCEPT for right around Poland. There are also Three kinds of the Black Death. One of them is the Bubonic. It was the mildest of all the types. There is also the pneumonic. It was very harmful. It would take over the lungs. If you had this, you would die within 3 to 4 days. The last one is the septicemic. It is the one that gets into the bloodstream. If you get this one, you die win 24 hours.
  • Thank you Logan! And yes, Let's move on. Does anyone know the deal with Rome?
  • Yeah! I do understand! Yay!!
  • Awesome! Can we go on with the field trip?
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