Engle v Vitale

Updated: 5/12/2020
Engle v Vitale

Storyboard Text

  • ok class, lets say a prayer together before school starts
  • OK
  • Dad, is it okay that my public school forces us to pray? I mean isn't that against the establishment clause?
  • of course not! I will go sue them!!!
  • public schools are part of the government, and they should not be endorsing one religion over the other!
  • that is not true! religion is part of America! why do you think money says "in god we trust"? also the prayer is voluntary!!
  • our school prayers are voluntary, plus our prayer is non-denominational and does not imply preference for any region
  • LIES!!!!
  • six of think that school prayers are wrong because it violates the establishment clause. Justice Stewart says that praying in school is fine as long as its voluntary since religion is important to the US
  • Since public schools have government employees, school prayers led by teachers are in violation of the establishment clause.