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Never say Never.
Updated: 9/20/2018
Never say Never.
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  • Better call over Fatimah, she'll help me calm down.
  • High School
  • I'm so nervous for highschool
  • It's going to be ok. We'll get through this together.
  • Better get to class
  • Alright students get to clsss
  • Sorry
  • Out my way
  • Hey you punk, whats up?
  • Suad is enjoying her summer, until she realizes that school is coming up. She gets super nervous about going to school because this isn't just her normal middle school, this is Highschool.
  • what did I even do to them
  • She calls over her friend and she helps her clam down. They decide to help each other out with school work and to get good grades.
  • Thanks guys
  • o-ok
  • One the first day of school, they get their books together and say goodbye. They don't want to be late on the first day of school.
  • High school is so hard. Im failing. I need help getting my grades up
  • I'm trying to help you ,but you still don't understand.
  • As the school year goes on, Suad has a huge dilemma. She is getting bullied by older kids and is too scared to stand up for herself.
  • Suad's sister, Zanib and her friend, Fatimah, stand up for her and show the bullies a lesson. Suad is very happy that they did that for her and she didn't know how to thank them.
  • Talk to her again and you'll regret it.
  • Later on in the school year, Suad faces another delimma. She is having a hard time in her classes and struggling with grades. Fatimah tries to help her, but Suad is still struggling.
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