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Drought vs. Drought
Updated: 12/14/2018
Drought vs. Drought
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Storyboard Description

A story of how two countries have two very different experiences dealing with the same disaster

Storyboard Text

  • California Drought
  • Look at how low much the river has dropped since the drought started in 2011!
  • I know! It is so sad... I wish people understood how hard this is.
  • Gas prices have gone up to $3.62/gallon but I have a good paying job and can afford it!
  • Breaking news! California on its way to being in the top 5 places in economic value! California's GDP rises over $2.14 Trillion
  • Can you believe it Jack?! We are close to being one of the 5 richest places in the world!
  • WOW!
  • Many Californians worried about the depleting water supply, especially the drop in water levels in the Colorado River. Throughout the entirety of the drought, the water levels in the Colorado river slowly dropped to terrifyingly low levels. Locals began to worry that there would no longer be a water supply, so water usage restrictions were put into place.
  • Somalia Drought
  • Where did all of my crop go? How will I feed my family?
  • Gas prices rise and fall, but many are unaffected by these changes. The economy remains on a steady incline throughout the majority of the drought.
  • California reached number 5 on the world GDP charts with an economic value of $2.7 trillion in 2018. While California was in the middle of a very long drought, their economy was hardly affected, although it did affect farmers and other local growers, as their crops failed to grow as successfully as in past seasons.
  • Due to the lack of rain, many crops perished and local farmers lost their only source of income. Between the drought seasons, Somalians also experience severe flooding which washed away successful crop, livestock, and housing.
  • Papa I'm hungry!
  • Many people were displaced due to the drought and had no place to go and very little to sustain their livelihood. Diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, malaria, and many diarrhoeal diseases swept through the nation increasing the overall death toll during and following the drought.
  • The price of important grains such as mais rose while the price of other goods like goat meat decreased. Many people could not afford to buy the grain to feed their families or their livestock. Due to a lack of food and water, many Somalians lost their livestock.
  • I used to have 43 I only have 3.
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