roy and sara met a terrible ghost!
Updated: 7/21/2020
roy and sara met a terrible ghost!
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in this story, Roy and Sara went to an abandoned castle where they met a mortal ghost and they were trapped in that castle and can't escape to be continued:

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  • should we enter this castle sara?
  • hmm.. i don't think so Roy its look like its haunted i have heared that there are monster ghost in this haunted castle so we should not enter
  • well no i was not joking what i have heared i have told you some people have seen the monsters and the ghost themselves so its true
  • what have you done nooo!
  • looks like someone is living here your were just saying to scare me off hahahahha!
  • stop right there albrosh don't dare to touch those kids
  • looks like you were right sara but now how can we escape this terrible ghost!
  • hahahaha you are now in my trap and you cant never leave this house ahaaa you will be my food for the last 30 days
  • i told you but you didn't believe me now think what we will do to escape?
  • it was me wizard antaliya leave the kids alone if you harm them of a single touch then
  • who was that! who dare to call my name!
  • then what?
  • now face the consequences (abra dabra take him to the ancient dragon land from where he can never retreat)boo!
  • now you are safe kids time to go home bye kids
  • bye wizard antaliya we will miss you
  • bye bye wizard you are so kind
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