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Updated: 10/20/2019
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Storyboard Description

The story about perseus and how he wanted his daughter not to get married with soemone

Storyboard Text

  • ice and the thrilling situation
  • He was thinking to slay his daughter as he doesn't want his daughter to marry someone and to take his throne from him.
  • As the king ordered to acrisius that the tower should not have any doors and but Zeus came and give blessings that she got a baby and she named that baby Perseus. The king wanted to kill the baby he puts the baby in the boat.
  • Danae ended up on the island as when Perseus his mother and infact into a bronze chest and set them adrift on the sea. Perseus was able to fly lair thanks with his flying sandal and he landed to QUEST.
  • Flying with his sandals on(Starting)
  • flying with his sandals on (ending)
  • When Perseus went back to the ocean and then plunged to earth feet-first and landed amongst the gray sisters. He had to see the gray sisters because he wanted to find where was the Nymphs of the West.
  • Perseus wanted to know where Nymphs was because he was the guardian of them. After Perseus was finding the madhood things and king Polydectes brother fell in love with Danea and wanted to marry her. Polydectes thought that Perseus is the main obstacle for their marriage. The king therefore sent Perseus on a quest to bring the head of Medusa, thinking it would be his doom.
  • Harm Medusa
  • Yes Sir
  • At the very end Perseus kept his flying sandals and he would have a great deal of traveling fighting to do in the days to come, it is similar as the beginning as he found the flying sandal and start his journey and the rest of the story began.
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