Updated: 4/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Why she is crying ?I should ask her.
  • Uncle! I got lost.
  • What happened girl?Are you okay?
  • dont worry girl i wil take you to police station then they will help us to find your parents.
  • Found a lost lil girl.
  • This lil girl got lost. Help us find her parents.
  • Dont worry let me do something.
  • came to ask her why she is crying?
  • ohhh! That's great.
  • We have announced that we found a lost lil gir.And there parents contact us they will be here any time.
  • Took her to police station .
  • They are soo happy:).
  • mom dad
  • oohhh!my lil baby.
  • told police officer about lost lil girl.
  • Found her parents.
  • hey! Lil girl don't cry your parents will be here any time.
  • They have found her lost lil daughter.