The Tiger and Three Hunters

Updated: 6/29/2020
The Tiger and Three Hunters

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time there lived a tiger named sentry in the vast, shadowy jungle. One rainy day, Sentry spotted a big and beautiful mansion he didn't know what was it, but was very curious
  • wow! is that a tree house thingy?
  • he was tierd so he sat on some chairs
  • Sentry the tiger admires the mansion
  • without thinking, Sentry galloped through the door. Boom the door smashed open!
  • ahh too hot
  • Sentry tried all the bowls and gobbeld up the the little bow he said for the medium bowl yuck so cold and for the last bowl he gobbeld it all up
  • too big, too soft, just right
  • this bed is great you now what [ snoring]
  • first he tried the big bed he didn't like the first and second bed but the little bed he fell fast asleep in it