Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Mary hates her job at the local pet store, she wants the store to close down because she doesn't like her work or the owners
  • that night Mary posts online that the pet store uses unethical puppy farms, and wot let their animals see a vet. she knows this is untrue but wants the store to close down.
  • at first the pet store owners try to ignore the posts and hope the public ignore then too, three weeks later and the store still hasn't sold a single pet because of the posts so the pet store owners call Mary.
  • I know its untrue but I wont take the posts down or tell the public the truth
  • Hi Mary, the post you have made about our business are untrue and hurting us and our business - can you take it down and tell the public the truth
  • Mary's posts ruined the pet stores and they had to close down, forcing them in to debt despite their business usually earning 10,000 a month and the owners still having 10 years before retirement
  • the pet store owners took Mary to court because of the loss her posts caused the owners
  • supreme court (vic)