Comic 1
Updated: 2/11/2021
Comic 1

Storyboard Text

  • Oooh!!! This person seems nice.
  • Oh sure. Oh for goodness sake stop crying lyna
  • Wa Wa Wa!!!
  • Please could you take me Valentine Park?
  • Sure why not
  • Maryam one day was reading her friend requests and chat on Roblox when she met a nice person or that is what she thought.
  • In Valentine Park there is a hacker that is trying to kidnap people by inviting them to Valentine Park if you are one of them call at ***********
  • I should call them
  • The person asks if they could meet tomorrow at Valentine park at 2:00,Maryam acceptests it happily except until her baby sister lyna starts crying.
  • The next day comes and Maryam stops them and asks them to take her Valentine Park.
  • got you
  • Maryam reaches Valentine Park when she heards on the audio that Her friend is a kidnapper so she decides to call the police
  • Maryam calls the police and they arrive she tells them where he is and how we should approach him.
  • I know where he is
  • The police surround the kidnapper and arrest the him.
  • your looking at the wrong person um aa it is Maryam
  • No it is you