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Updated: 10/15/2020
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  • Later on, oxygen was used as a waste product and it continued to build up in the atmosphere, making it safer for us to breathe and live.
  • Photosynthesis organic released oxygen which began to build up in the atmosphere. Animals and other complex life evolved.
  • Now, 78% of the Earth's atmosphere is Nitrogen, 21% is oxygen, 0.1% is Argon, 0.04% is Carbon Dioxide, leaving the other 0.06 %methane and water vapour.
  • Plants and some bacteria use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us.
  • Animals, including us, use the oxygen and give off carbon dioxide for the plants and bacterias.
  • Our atmosphere has been developed to make this planet safer for us to live in.All of us who live here, plants, animals, humans, and other life form, benefit from each other.We must protect and save each other so that we can save our home planet together!
  • Human activities are leading to an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.Thanks to the ozone in the Earth's atmosphere, the planet is shielded from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
  • Because of the Earth's gravity, atmosphere doesn't float off into space.Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Ozone were present.
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