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Updated: 9/25/2020
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  • Child's voice: Hi Abigail... Don't be sad here... we're going to become best friends...
  • Well here we are sweetie, this is our new home. I know you didn't want to move but you have a bigger bedroom here and a forest in the backyard for you to play in with Spike.
  • Dad, I liked my room at HOME. Why did we have to move?! We're so far away from Point Place. It looks creepy here!
  • SOLD
  • I'm sorry honey. I really wanted you to like it here. This is our home now. We needed a change and I think it will be good for us both. You'll make friends here in Riverton. You'll be happy to know I painted your room pink.
  • I want to go home! The floors creek, the walls are black! (sob) Mom would've hated it here!
  • It'll be okay Abby, it just takes some adjusting. Your room is on the left and I'll be in the garage unpacking if you need me. I love you.
  • (Continuous sobbing)
  • Child's voice: My name is Charlie...
  • Father: Abby? What's going on in there?!
  • (Shakily) Uhhh...  ...who said that? ...How do you know my name?
  • (Door slams shut)
  • Bark! Bark! Bark!Grrrrrrrr...
  • (Spike continues growling)
  • Child's voice: He's not going to believe you...
  • Seriously? I can't believe you would lie about something so outrageous just because you don't want to live here. You are so ungrateful young lady! Go to bed now. Enough, Spike!
  • Dad, dad! There's someone in the house! I think it's haunted, someone said my name!
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