The 3 regions Shante Lord 1st period

Updated: 9/13/2021
The 3 regions Shante Lord 1st period

Storyboard Text

  • In the Southern Colony they had a lot of farms and did a lot of farming, even if it were cold they were still able to farm due to the rich and fertile soil they had. The Southern Colony depended on slaves to provide labor which was keeping up with farms, picking cotton as they are doing in the picture, and keep massive tobacco farms running. The cross in the back represents their Baptist and Anglican religion.
  • The middle colony had rivers which really helps the colony. They also had fertilesoil which made them an exporter of wheats and other grains. The rivers providedthem with clay which they used to build their houses. Their religion was Catholicism which is why I put a cross with another cross curved into it.
  • the England colony mostly thrived off of being able to provide an outlet for England's supplies. They mostly own businesses rather than farming. Trade, manufactures, and fishing were common. Their climate impacted the settlement a lot because it would become really cold which is why they did not really farm.Their religion is Puritans that is why they are gathered around praying.