Si, Im different
Updated: 2/13/2020
Si, Im different

Storyboard Text

  • Sí, Im Different
  • Goodmorning Marianna, Its almost time for you to get on the bus
  • Goodmorning Sweetie
  • No Quiero ir a la esuela (I don't wanna go to school)
  • oh my gosh is that the new girl? yeah i think she came from mexico, maybe we should talk to her
  • hola, marianna, im mrs.Key, im sure your going to enjoy your first day of school, welcome to MRH!
  • Hola Mrs. Key, no me gusta this school i wish i was back at me casa
  • Gracias Mrs. Key
  • Goodmorning class, we have a new student everyone welcome Marianna
  • heyy gurll
  • heyyy! marianna
  • Well girls it was her choice to come here, oh well!
  • Whatt she doesn't even speak english, she needs to go back where she came from
  • i know, but things are going to get better over time i will be here if you need anything
  • Hola!