Assignment Ms.Taylor

Updated: 1/17/2019
Assignment Ms.Taylor

Storyboard Text

  • The third nine weeks was ending and today was the day the students get their report cards. Most of the students seemed worried about what their grades were except for Aniyah. Aniyah was the best student in her class and always got good grades.
  • In class everybody was chatting about their grades predicting on what they'll get. On the other hand, Aniyah was sitting quietly thinking not really worrying about her report card. After a few minutes, Ms. Johnson started passing out report cards to the students. When Aniyah got her report card she saw that she had got a D' in math. Aniyah's eyes became watery and she became sad.
  • On the bus ride home Aniyah was still upset about her report card. This was her first bad grade. She would think about her mom being disappointed in her for getting a D in math. She stayed quiet continuing to think to herself on the rest of the way home.
  • When she got home she went strait to her room and put her face in her pillow and cried. Her mother figured something was wrong because Aniyah didn't speak to her when she came in so she went upstairs in Aniyah's room and asked her if she was okay. Aniyah couldn't lie to her mom so she showed her the report card wit tears in her eyes.
  • Her mom looked at the report card and saw her grade in math. she looked at Aniyah and told her she wasn't upset and she shouldn't be either. Aniyah wiped her tears and stopped crying. Her mom said that all she has to do is not let it bring her down and work to bring it up. Aniyah smiled and hugged her mom and from now on she worked on bringing her grade up.