Water Pollution

Updated: 9/10/2020
Water Pollution

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  • Huh! What! A never new something so simple could affect me so much in the future.
  • Hey! Do did know That water pollution is a serious threat to all living things and that it could affect you in the future!
  • So, basically Water Pollution is a severe threat that not only affects us, but the environment and its ecosystem as well. When water is polluted it can reduce the amount of oxygen in the water causing fish to not be able to breath and not only that it can cause acid rain which is basically when the atmosphere is so polluted, rain fall and precipitation becomes acidic
  • Oh! I get it. I should take more care of the environment like if it were my own home.
  • Exactly! Yes, its true you should treat the environment if it were your home, but there is several other reasons why. Every Animal that is affected by water pollution has some sort of family, so should not only think about what would happen if you were to be affected; but how other species feel about it. Unlike human, animals don't have doctors or medicine so if the they were to get sick from the polluted water that would most surly be the end of their lives
  • Right, I get it now! Is there any way that some one like could help with this issue?
  • Of course! That brings me to my next point, there are some simple steps that you can take to help resolve this issue.
  • That's amazing! what are these simple things I can do to fix water pollution
  • WOW! Thats amazing. I can help resolve a world issue just by thinking and fixing what i flush down the toilet!
  • It's as simple as what goes down the sink and toilet. Pouring oils and grease down the stink can cause water pollution and especially using the toilet as a bin or even pouring pills and chemicals down. These are all factor of water pollution.
  • So now that you know what water pollutions is, the affects of it and how to stop it what are you going to do?