Updated: 2/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • As Prime Minister of the UK, we have come to the decision that we will indeed be leaving the EU, but we are willing to make trade deals with you all.
  • Lets end the meeting here and we can come back again tomorrow, once you have had time to think about any deals you are willing to make.
  • As the German President, I will not be making any deals with Big Boi Boris and i advise both of you to do the same as well.
  • I'm Emmanuel Macron, President of France and i agree with you Frank-Walter. If we don't make any deals then the UK will realise how much they need us and we can use them.
  • Tomorrow will be a good day for the UK. We will leave the EU, make great deals and finally have the independence we have always wanted.
  • OMG, can you stop talking to yourself. I'm trying to sleep. And you wonder i'm considering getting a divorced.
  • NO!!! None of us are willing to make any deals but we are willing to give you one more chance to change your mind.
  • Thank you all for coming back today, has anyone got any deals to make. Any deals will do.
  • I've failed the UK. What am i going to do. *crying* Even my wife hates me. Shes divorced me *crying*
  • I'll have to tell everyone that we have made some good deals, even though we haven't.