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Updated: 6/3/2020
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Storyboard Description

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Storyboard Text

  • Bruno is eager to talk to his father about how much he disapproves of his new house.Father had left to go to the new house at out-with a couple of days before the rest of the family.And Bruno didn't get a chance to talk to him
  • Bruno looked downstairs and sees his father having a brief conversation in a group with five other men,he is dressed in his nicest military outfit.Bruno knocks on his fathers office door and he is told by father in a booming voice to "Enter"
  • Bruno is amazed at how dazzling fathers office is.Father begins to smile and shake Bruno's hand because generally he isn't really the type of person that shows much affection.Father asks Bruno what he thinks about his new house.Bruno reveals that he doesn't like staying at the out with.
  • Bruno begins to complain and criticize about for far away their new house is from Berlin as well as Grandpa,Grandma and his best friends-Karl,Daniel and Micheal.Father simply disagrees and tells Bruno that sometimes people have to do things they disagree with.Bruno feels tears in this eyes,father tells him that he will just have to accept out-with as his new home
  • Bruno asks father if he had done something to make the fury angry,due to the fact that the fury had assigned father a job at out-with,which is much less desirable than Berlin.Father laughed and before bruno can think this through,he tells father that he must not have been very good at his previous job
  • Bruno simply shouts that he doesn't accept it,Instead of showing any reaction father shakes his head and tells Bruno to go to his room.Before Bruno leaves he asks father who are those people in the striped pajamas.Oh those people ,they aren't people at all,those poeple have nothing to do with you,Father replies.Bruno raises a broad arm and says Heil Hitlerand leaves