Shawn's nutrition storyboard
Updated: 1/8/2020
Shawn's nutrition storyboard
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  • Oh honey, we just discovered ways of eating food in the old times. Follow me to the kitchen and we can talk more
  • Mom, how did we discover our food and how to eat it?
  • Yes! they discovered that they can cook food and it tasted a lot better
  • You see, believe it or not, we didn't start by eating cooked meals, we actually used to eat food raw
  • EWW really? was it because we did not know how to cook our food?
  • that sounds interesting but what about foods such as salads or other healthier alternatives?
  • Hey son! if your wanting to know about how we have other alternatives, come see me!
  • I was trying to sleep until you yelled human owner
  • Vegetarians have a religious belief of not killing animals. So, they chose to eat plants and healthier foods
  • We just only ate what fit our needs
  • Son healthy alternatives were discovered around the same time as cooked food.
  • What about the people who decided to go vegetarian?
  • Bye and have a great day!!
  • Thanks for the information on the history of food mom and dad! I'm off to school now!
  • ..... so long story short, my parents told me all about the history of foods and how we developed a taste for cooked foods
  • That's wonderful! Although, there's more to be taught about food than what you know....
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