MR. Blair Project on the Constitution
Updated: 1/3/2020
MR. Blair Project on the Constitution
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  • 1.) people are allowed to say and do what they want and believe in what they think
  • The Secrets Of The Constitution
  • By: Shawn Esler 12/18/19 pd.6
  • 123456
  • page 4: government tree
  • page 5: laws and requirements
  • page 3: key terms
  • page 2-10: 10 Amendments
  • page 1: Introduction
  • Table Of Contents
  • Hello! i am Bob the cat. I was born in the 1700's and i was at one of the most secretive and important moments in United States history! In this picture you can see James Madison discussing the ideas they should use.P.S. can you find me watching it in this picture?
  • while wondering around some of the back rooms i found a book which read on the front,"key terms." when i opened the first page it said,"10 amendments and here are some things on the other pages that i am about to show you that has many fun pictures in it also.
  • whats this?
  • the First Amendment that i read about was the freedom to say what they think and believe in what they think. and to sum it up it was that people could always have the right to speak and do things without being told not to.
  • 1.) Gives people the freedom to say and do things freely
  • i can speak freely
  • i can do things freely
  • i can own a gun to protect myself
  • while flipping through to the next page i saw the second Amendment and read that people had the right to obtain firearms (guns) many people choose to obtain firearms as a way of defense in case they are harmed by someone in any way.
  • 2.) gives the people the right to obtain firearms
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