Updated: 1/30/2019

Storyboard Text

  • My, My, how has urbanization changed this city, immigrants have begun to come to work here.
  • Industrialization sure has provided new opportunities for women. Now we can work in factories, and with all people coming from rural areas there are plenty of new workers, but there are not enough rooms in this urban area.
  • with the new factories becoming more popular it has became hard for my little shoe store to keep up!
  • Maybe you should sell it and buy a factory.
  • Nathon's shoe store
  • with the sucess of my factory i was able to buy us a new house.
  • This factory will provide for me and my wife, I employ 300 people and make 600$ a day.
  • Nathon's Shoe Factory
  • My factory succeeded and made me one of the largest shoe sellers in the nation.