Updated: 12/18/2020

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  • Shayne, a senior high school student who loves to go to parties and hates Mathematics of all the subjects met this guy...
  • OMG! You're Mr. Al-Khwarizmi right? The Father of Algebra?
  • Uhm yes, that's me. Anyways, how did you know my name?
  • How can I not know you? You are the reason on why I got a failing grade on Math haha
  • Oh haha I'm sorry for that. I'm just expecting that no one knows me in your era since I am from the past and I just get here through a time machine.
  • Woah that was cool sir! Anyways, I just want to ask you for some tips on how can I pass on our Algebra since I really need to graduate this schoolyear.
  • Just like on solving math problems, I am sure that everything will not be easy at first but please don't stop trying until you understand every single part of it.
  • Hmm the best thing that I can advise to you is this quote that I've read saying, "Don't stop until you proud."
  • Awe thank you sir! My mother also said that to me before. I can say that I fully understood something if I can teach it to others right?
  • Oh yes that was right hija! You can also read my books if you want haha I'm sure that they're located on your libraries.
  • Yas! Thank you so much sir! I can't wait to tell my friends that I have met the person behind Algebra and our failing grades haha just kidding.
  • Alright! It was my pleasure to help hija. I'll go now and finish my mission on your era, goodbye!
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