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computer thing
Updated: 11/5/2020
computer thing
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  • how am I supposed to write an email to my teacher if i dont even know how to write an email
  • hello I am you from an alternate dimension im here to make sure you dont fail and get thrown in jail
  • I will now tell you the Three do's of writing an email. when writing an email it is important to keep your email short and sweet dont want the person reading to fall asleep. next use proper language and grammar you'll want the person reading to think you have more than two active brain cells
  • and lastly make sure to proof read your email in case you messed up which you'll probably do since
  • lastly use the right tone so you dont sound like your malding
  • now on to the dont's firstly dont use informal language or text lingo or else you'll sound like an idiot who doesn't know how to spell yuo second dont use different font sizes or colors
  • all that left to do is remember everything i told you
  • at least you know how to write an email
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