Biodiversity PSA

Updated: 3/7/2021
Biodiversity PSA

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  • Deforestation: This is a threat to biodiversity. Deforestation has a negative impact on biodiversity. For example it effects the water cycle, loss of animal and plant habitats, causes climate change, increases the toxic gases in the air when they're cut down, and pollution. For the loss of habitats it can lead to animals disappearing.
  • Invasive Species: This is a huge threat to biodiversity. Invasive Species are capable of causing extinction of native and natural organisms. They limit resources and they alter habitats. They change the native causing the native species to adapt to their new environment.
  • Pollution: This is a threat to biodiversity. It holds a negative on our ecosystem as well. Contaminants like fertilizer, pesticide, burning fossil fuels, road side trash, exhaust from vehicles, and nitrogen all affect the biodiversity. This population can lead to acid rain causing change in animal habitat, the soil for plants, and plants/ animals have a hard time surviving with these chemicals. The fertilizer used on farms eventually end up in streams and oceans causes marine organism to have dead zones.