noah barleywater
Updated: 2/3/2021
noah barleywater

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  • Mum's not well, she might be dying. and I just need to get away from it all
  • some hours later...
  • you look hungry why not come and have some lunch with me
  • well, alright
  • my Mums dying.she made a promise, said it would all be alright and I dont want to see her break it
  • I've run away.
  • where are your parents?
  • why???
  • allright I'll go back home
  • you should go back home. I broke a promise to my father many years ago and I never saw him again. of course I regret all of that now...
  • a few hours later...
  • Is Mum alright?
  • you're just in time...
  • Mum!! are you alright?
  • I don't know Noah...