Ionic Bonding

Updated: 7/28/2020
Ionic Bonding

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  • Sure Mom! I will be back after a minute ^_^
  • Oh dear !!! We ran out of salt.. I can't cook your favorite ulam tonight.
  • Here is the salt Mom..
  • That was fast! Thank you Sweetie.. Just wait for a while, we can then eat our dinner
  • Thanks for the food mom, by the way, how salt was made?
  • Yasss! I am excited mom.. ! pls call and inform uncle I'm coming tomorrow in his place.
  • You should go and visit your uncles laboratory tomorrow, he can explain it to you..
  • Salt is mostly sodium chloride, the ionic compound with the formula NaCl
  • Hi Uncle, I wonder how salt was made? What is its chemical composition?
  • NaCl is an example of Ionic bonding where an electron is taken from each Na atom to produce Na+ ion, meanwhile this electron is added to each Cl atom to produce a Cl- ion
  • Yes! Chemistry is fun! You should learn and do good in your study.
  • Wow...! that was awesome uncle! ^^
  • Yes , I will uncle! Thankyou!