Glass Castle
Updated: 1/20/2020
Glass Castle
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So in the Glass Castle, they were poor and didn’t have much money to live on. When they got home they wanted to eat so they bought a ham with Rosemary's check. They noticed that they had maggots in them and their mom said it was fine for them to eat it. One day they went hunting for food and found an abandoned house. She would go to the stalls to eat whatever food she found in the school trash. They would go to the laundromat and sit on them until their clothes would dry. Lori tried to get a fire started and later it blew up and exploded. Later, Jeannette went to a classmate's house and learned about a thermostat.

Storyboard Text

  • "Just slice off the maggoty parts. The inside's fine. (Walls, 172)
  • "Mom, that ham's full of maggots!"(Walls, 172)
  • When a check came in, Jeannettes mom bought them a whole canned ham. After it had been there for about a week, white worms were found in it.
  • One day, hunting for food, Brian and Jeannette climbed through the window of an abandoned house. In the kitchen they found shelves lined with rows of canned food.
  • When other girls came in and threw away their lunch bags in the garbage pails, Jeannette would go retrieve them. Then she would go back to the stall to eat whatever she found.
  • "It's a thermostat. You move the lever to make the house warmer or cooler."(Walls, 179)
  • When Jeannette and her family went to the Laundromat, they would sit on the dryers until their clothes were dry.
  • One day Brian and Jeannette were shaking the snow off some branches, when they heard a loud boom from the house. Lori had used kerosene to try to get the fire going better, and it had exploded.
  • When Jeannette went over to a classmate's house for a project, she learned about a thermostat.
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