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To Kill A Mockingbird Summary
Updated: 7/18/2020
To Kill A Mockingbird Summary
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Summary of To Kill A Mockingbird Comic strip summary.

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  • Hi, I'm Scout
  • I'm Charles, but I prefer Dill, and I can read! I'm not apart of the Finch family, but I'm good friends with Jem and Scout.
  • The Finches Home
  • I'm Atticus
  • I'm Calpurnia, everyone calls me Cal though
  • I'm Jeremy, everyone calls me Jem though
  • The Radley Place, the scary house in the neighbourhood....
  • Miss Maudie's house on fire
  • One-Shot Finch kills the scary dog
  • Finch Christmas Party, at the Landing
  • Scout & Jem go to Cal's church
  • Tom is found to be guilty by the jury
  • Aunt Alexandra come to stay
  • Court - Atticus is trying to help Tom
  • Tom is killed trying to escape prison
  • Scout is explaining the attack - Jem is so in pain that he is unconscious
  • School Play, Scout is ham.
  • Atticus puts Scout to bed, and then everything goes back to normal eventually
  • Scout & Jem attacked by Bob Ewell, saved by Boo
  • To Kill A MockingbirdBy: Harper Lee
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